Myth Number #1 – It’s good to bury your unsubscribe links

There is a common and deadly practice of burying unsubscribe links at the bottom of email messages in an attempt to stop people from unsubscribing from your email list.

Many list owners do this by leaving a large blank space at the bottom of their email and buried under the blank space they stick their unsubscribe link, so that readers have to scroll down to find the link (if they even realize it’s likely to be there).

All this foolish practice does is leave your reader frustrated and left with no choice but to hit the DEADLY SPAM  BUTTON.

They will not only never receive another email from you again especially if they are using ISPs (internet service providers) such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc to read your emails, but if you get a number of your subscribers hitting the SPAM button, the ISPs will flag your sender email address (eg, your IP address, and your domain.

You then run a very high risk of your subsequent emails, regardless of who they are sent to on your list from being held back from being delivered. 

Myth Number #2 – Having people unsubscribe from your emails is a bad thing

ISPs actually like it when they see people unsubscribe from your emails versus hitting the spam button.  It tells them that you are a legitimate email marketer and that your readers actually opted into your list willingly.  

Obviously though if your unsubscribe ratio is very high it will negatively impact you and they will view you as a pest, but if your unsubscribe ratio is a normal healthy percentage it will actually work in your favor.

Myth Number #3 – Having a prominent unsubscribe link at the top of your email is bad

If you have not mailed your list in a while or subscribers are likely to have forgotten ever opting into your list you are likely to receive a higher number of spam complaints, putting you at risk.  

It is highly advisable in this case to remind your readers how they got on to your list and the benefits of being on your list.

Then let them know if they don’t wish to receive those benefits they can unsubscribe using the link which you should prominently place directly underneath.  

This will minimize your spam complaints and help you optimize your email deliverability AKA prevent your email going into your readers spam folders.