The Absurd Secret To A 7 Figure Optin Page

genius-mastermindA while ago I sat round the table masterminding with 2 extremely talented and somewhat outlandish marketers, as they shared the insider secrets to their most successful 7 figure launches.

One them you have probably heard of, Andy Jenkins AKA “Cuzin Andy” or “The Video Boss”…

The other is called David Bass AKA “D Bass”, “D Boss” or just Dave depending on the mood.

The topic of the conversation was…

how to get more clicks, more optins and more sales”

As “D Bass” bantered back and forth with “Ole Cuzin Andy” he shared one of his cool 7 figure launch tactics.

D Bass says to Andy:
“You see, one of the things I have learned is that the copy in your email should include the copy you used in your subject line.
Here’s why:

Think of the psychology Andy…

(Here comes tip number 1)

If they clicked on your subject line it means they liked it, those words resonated with them and they want to know more about that specific subject…

Here is the secret sauce:

–> Tip #1: You want to make one of your hyperlinks in your email copy the same as the copy you used in your subject line, like this:

The 7 Figure Optin Page <<< 3 Seriously Cool Tips   (Do not click on this link. No really. I mean it.)

(Here comes tip number 2)

–> Tip #2:  Use the same copy you used in your opt-in page in your email.

This tactic sends your opt-in % rates throincrease_percentageugh the roof.

Here’s the logic…

If someone clicked on the link in your email they have shown interest in the main body copy in your email.

If you use different copy on the optin page, from your email copy, you will end up breaking the rapport.

AKA they want more of what they just saw, so give it to em 😉

(Here comes tip number 3)

“hmmm” says “Cuzin Andy” as he left the table deep in thought pondering over the cool tips that D Bass had just shared.

Andy had just had an epiphany how to take this concept to a whole new level.

Little did he know that what he was about to test out would change the face of internet marketing…

…and make a lot of people some serious mulah.

Cuzin Andy Takes This Idea To The AbsurdThe magical 7-figure opt-in page is born.

—>Tip #3: A great big picture spanning the entire opt-in page that represents the goal your prospects want to achieve.

In this case it was a beach (representing freedom)… But this time no long copy on the opt-in page.

Just a compelling headline (in a small box) and below it a call to action asking for an email address in exchange for something cool.

Well, now for the results…

percentages-and-conversions70%+ of visitors registered for the free giveaway, an increase of around 20%.

20% more optins resulted in just under 20% more sales.

Every one of the people in our inner circle who has tested this style of landing page to “warm traffic”
has seen similar results.

If you are not yet testing this style of landing page, you should be right now!

This thing has made many of my marketing buddies some serious moolah.

Here is one I created earlier for you to model (nothing to sell here)

To your success

Robert Grant