Do You REALLY KNOW What Your Market WANTS?

Or Are You Just Guessing And Hoping They’ll Buy?

Deep Level Market Research

We spend a fortune on the most cutting edge market research tools, so you don’t have to.


  • Find out EXACTLY what your market wants, instead of guessing what they want.
  • 99% of the time trying to reinvent the wheel fails.
  • We know what topics are currently trending in your market, and you probably aren’t using them to your advantage.
  • We will show you which of your competitors’ ads and marketing funnels are currently converting.
  • Most companies fail within the first 5 years because they do not know how to do deep level market research.
  • When you model success you don’t have to waste a fortune in the hope of working it all out for yourself.

Full Marketing Assessment

Based on our deep market research we will conduct a full assessment of your marketing funnel.  This will include:


  • Analysing your conversion data and identifying the key performance metrics that need to be tracked, such as lifetime customer value.
  • Which pieces of your marketing are working.
  • Identifying what specifically is hurting your conversions.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition, so that prospects stop associating you with the “same old”, noise in the marketplace.
  • Ensure you have a congruent message to market match to the demand and trends in your market.
  • Make a 30 day action plan to fix the points in your funnel that are loosing you conversions and overall revenue.

Creating A Profitable Funnel

We will work with you to implement the step by step plan to: 


  • Fix your marketing funnel so you are ready to produce positive ROI from your advertising campaigns.
  • If you owned a slot machine and every time you put in a dollar you made $3 how much money would you put in it?
  • What’s our incentive to get your funnel converting quickly?
  • We know that when you see your investment rapidly turning a profit you will invest significantly in your advertising.







Opt-In Rate





Advertising, Marketing And Funnel Optimization

Our Areas of Expertise

Ad Campaigns That Convert

Our team are experts in Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Remarketing, with the results to show for it. On a current campaign our client is seeing a 5 to 1 return on adspend since working with us.

Ads Copy By Experts

We have an in house team of some of the best, professional copy writers in the world, with over $25,000,000 of experience under our belts.

Email Marketing

Our in house email copy writers are amongst the best in the world. .A current client of ours is getting up to 200% increase in results from our email campaigns.

Professional Ad Design

We have the very best designers working on your ad creatives. It’s not enough to have a pretty design, you need a designers who understand marketing.

Webinar Marketing

We are experts in creating evergreen funnels for paid traffic and JV traffic, consistently hitting some of the highest sales conversions in the industry.

Landing Page Otimization

On our clients’ campaigns we have reduced cost per lead by 2/3 and in some cases as low as 82 cents in a highly competitive market.

3 Structures To Work With Our Agency

The Secret To Our Success Is In How Carefully We Choose The Clients We Work With


Marketing Consulting And Coaching

  • Only for companies making $500,000+

Long Term Partnership

  • Strict criteria apply.

We Currently Have An Opening For A Partnership Model


Most people end up self sabotaging when they reach a threshold of success that is way beyond their comfort zone. CEOs suddenly disappear on vacations and retreats during a product launch, missed key meetings and the list goes on.

A famous mentor of ours once said that most people will do almost anything to stay in the comfort zone of what they are used to, but successful people thrive from stepping up and constantly raising their standards.

The Criteria We Are Looking For In A  Long Term Partner Like Business Relationship

  • Genuine commitment to succeed
  • You already have an existing brand
  • Your company is already generating over $750,000+ per year
  • Commitment to meeting deadlines
  • Willing to be held accountable for deliverables
  • Champion at taking respectful constructive feedback
  • Willing to hire the right design and web team
  • The ability to produce a much larger income from the long term relationship with us
  • Understanding of the value of investing in working with a tier 1 marketing team
  • You will hire a project manager, if you are bad at managing your own tasks and prioritizing.
  • You are fun to work with.
  • You have great products
  • You need an expert marketing and advertising team to take your company to the next level.
  • You are 100% ethical in your business dealings and marketing
  • You must genuinely care about your customers

Compensation Structure, With The Goal Of Forming A Long Term Relationship

  1. A 3-month engagement with our company with minimum monthly fee, allowing enough time for conversion and  revenue benchmarks to be achieved.
  2. A profit sharing relationship established once 3 month conversion and revenue benchmarks have been reached.
  3. Once 6 months of consistent increase in revenue  have been achieved a long term profit sharing agreement will take place.

If you meet the above criteria and you believe your company is truly ready to work with a tier #1 advertising and marketing team, then click the button below to request a call with our CEO.

Our Standard Compensation Structure


Since establishing a track record of success and recognition in the industry, our typical upfront fee for many years, has been $75,000 +10% to 20% of royalties, to assist clients with conversions and affiliate communication.

On a recent project we were paid $100,000 plus 10% of royalties to create and help promote a webinar marketing funnel for a client, which resulted in up to $16 revenue per click in an industry that rarely sees numbers that even come close to that.

We usually charge $15,000 for coaching and directing clients on the design of their marketing funnels and webinar presentations

One of our team leaders is brought in to consult for a world famous author and brand owner for over $10,000 per day.

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