Reach Global Media


For Fast Growing Brands

  • That want to profitably scale campaign budgets
  • Without destroying customer acquisition costs
  • Without getting banned on Facebook

Facebook, Instagram and digital marketing

  • The rules have changed
  • Evolve or die

Facebook, Instagram and Digital Marketing

Since the pandemic and the i0S Apocalypse…

The old advertising strategies are not working any more

More businesses are advertising online today than ever before in history

Fierce competition is driving up CPMs

Facebook’s attribution is unreliable and inaccurate

The way Meta’s algorithm works has completely changed

Competition Online Is Rapidly Growing

Despite the challenges we are still profitably scaling.

We understand how to raise campaign budgets to 6 figures a day and beyond, without destroying your CPA

The Top Questions You Should Be Asking An Ads Agency If You Want To Avoid Them Burning Your Money

Can you help avoid me getting banned by the policy team?
  • Do you submit ALL my ads and landers to the policy team before we run ads.
  • Can you prove it?
Do you have a deep understanding of the different options for optimizing the Conversion API?
  • How many different set ups have you tested?
How are you feeding Meta’s algorithm to reach your target audience?
How much money have you spent testing all of the above?

Case Study – Authority Factory

Live Online Event


Gary Vaynerchuck

Jim Kwik

Amy Landino

Anthony Morrison

$45,000 ad spend

$600,127 Revenue

13.35 ROAS


Case Study – Portfolio Insider

Reach Global Media helped Portfolio Insider become one of the Nasdaq acclaimed fastest growing Fintech companies in America

Reach Global Media Traffic : 1/5 of total company revenue

Started at $500 daily ad spend

Scaled to $10K daily

5.3x ROAS

Avg. monthly revenue $1.6M

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Case Study – Dream Builder Live Event

$647,000 In Revenue In A Weekend

$84,640 in Ad Spend
$647,000 from back of room sales at the live event generated By Facebook Ads
7.64 ROAS
$1.22 million in total event sales (from FB traffic + clients existing customer exist)
45% of sales were from Facebook traffic
Client’s customer list: $1980 revenue per attendee
Facebook traffic: $3611 revenue per attendee
82.3% more revenue per attendee

Case Study Published By Facebook

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Case Study Featured At Facebook Live Event

Facebook featured Reach Global Media’s case study at an event at Facebook’s Headquarters for their top performing agencies

Year to date and 1 Month Ad Spend

Our Story

Founder Robert Grant quickly mastered Facebook advertising and within a short space of time his Facebook community grew to more than 291,000 members.

In 2012 after landing Warner Bros as a client we were awarded “Facebook Managed Partner” status.

Working with thought leaders, famous authors, sports celebrities, and enterprise level brands

Digistore 24

Ad and funnel strategy

Facebook Compliance

Educating their vendors and affiliates on how to succeed on Facebook


Iden Shamana CEO of Kaiserfit talks about Robert Grant and his team

Sport Celebrities

Worked with BDA sports on strategy, helping them optimize the Facebook strategy for the famous basketball players
Yao Ming and Steve Nash.

Abundance Expo Featuring Sir Richard Branson

Drove traffic with Facebook ads, helping fill the event and generating 6 figures in revenue

Advisor to Tony Robbins Marketing Team

Creating Facebook marketing strategy to get more leads and customers for Tony Robbin’s Life and Wealth Mastery, Figi Resort Events

Advisor to famous UK enterprise brand, We Buy Any Car.

Creating strategy to optimize their Facebook marketing.

“Robert is THE expert on Facebook marketing strategies.

He was personally recommended to me by one of social media marketing’s leading authorities.

He did not disappoint, demonstrating not only a deep knowledge of the Facebook platform but also sharing a number of immediately applicable tactics and out of the box concepts

Glynn Powditch

Group Head Of
Online Marketing And Advertising

Kenneth Kragen

Consulting projects for Kenneth Kragen (the organizer of Live Aid and Hands Across America) working directly with Yahoo’s top executives and Facebook’s program manager Chris Pan.

Sold Out Multiple Robert Kiyosaki Events

In a joint collaboration with a sister agency Launch Titans we were engaged by Success Resources, a global seminar company to promote a series of Robert Kiyosaki events across Europe with Facebook ads.

Working under a compressed 90-day timeline we were tasked to help the client.

Crafting a new brand for these events.

Collaborating with Facebook on strategy and policy compliance

Assist with pricing and offer strategy

Assist with a new name, branding, website and new promotional materials to sell out numerous, branded “Wealth Masters” events.

Sold Out Success Resources, Hustle 2.0 Gary Vee Live Event In London

In a collaboration with a sister agency, we were engaged by Success Resources, a global seminar company to help promote The Hustle 2.0 event, starring Gary Vee, using Facebook ads.

Working under a compressed 40-day timeline we were tasked to help the client:

Collaborating with Facebook on strategy and policy compliance.

Assist with pricing and offer strategy

Dream Builder Info Product Facebook Ads

The results speak for themselves!

We consistently see high opt-in conversions for paid traffic from 42% to 53%.

They laser focus on targeted, effective ads.

They helped us create several different marketing funnel enhancements.

They increased our earnings per lead and decreased our cost per lead resulting in a 77% increase in ROI.

We’ve tripled our ad spend while significantly multiplying our return.

Since working with them our list is currently growing at the fastest pace we’ve ever seen.

Nick Bogatin
Marketing Director, LSTW Management LLC