A Facebook™ Managed Partner Agency

FACEBOOK™ Featured  Case Study
Of Our Client Work

$4,300,000 in 14 months in sales from Facebook Traffic

With a staggering 500% ROI average documented over a period of 14 months Facebook published
our client work in a case study with the headline”Mastering Return On Investment”.

Reach Global Media was chosen to feature their case study at an exclusive event at Facebook’s Headquarters
for a small handpicked group of their top performing FB Partner Agencies.








Delivering the right message to the right audience, boosts your brand recognition, increases your market share, and wins you more customers.

Our agency has been awarded Facebook
Managed Partner Status.

Privileged Access

Partner exclusive privileged access to Facebook’s most advanced advertising tools and programs

Facebook Managed Partner

National head FB Partner account manager works with us directly, optimizing our client’s campaigns

Expert Training

Closed door Facebook partner-exclusive advanced advertising education and expert training

Our Executive Team

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to deliver our clients new leads and customers in a digitally connected world.

Robert Grant

Expert Media Buyer and Marketing Funnel Architect

Hani Haidao

Expert Media Buyer

Simon Levy

VP Of Tech & Operations

Dmitry Martyenko

Head Designer

David Bass

Expert Media Buyer

Anthony Accetturo

Expert Media Buyer and Marketing Funnel Architect

Here’s what people are saying about us.

Robert took a webinar of ours that was converting at $3.46 revenue per click.

He rewrote the webinar and coached on the delivery. The final result was a webinar converting at $6.52 per click.

Wynne Pirini

Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

I’m not kidding I ended up almost doubling the amount of money I was making!

Jonny Andrews


Significantly increased my webinar conversion rates!

The results speak for themselves!

We consistently see high opt-in conversions for paid traffic from 42% to 53%.

They laser focus on targeted, effective ads.

Robert and David helped us create several different marketing funnel enhancements.

They increased our earnings per lead and decreased our cost per lead resulting in a 77% increase in ROI.

We’ve tripled our ad spend while significantly multiplying our return.

Since working with them  our list is currently growing at the fastest pace we’ve ever seen.

Nick Bogatin

Director Of Marketing

Robert is amazing at creating a great syntax for webinars and any sales process to allow whomever is following it to make a small fortune.

He understands the process and success systems needed to generate great results better than almost anyone out there!

John Assaraf

#1 Best Selling Author & Movie Star

Brands We Have Helped

Some of our happy clients that we have worked with

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